Lloyd Tex | Low cabinet

Jean-Marie Massaud

Inspired by the world of hi-fi loudspeakers, the Lloyd Tex self-supporting bookcase, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, plays on the transparency and lightness of the Techno-fabric panels, a semi-transparent technical fabric in Light and Dark colours. The panels slide on invisible horizontal tracks, creating ever-changing sequences.

In Lloyd Tex, the most advanced technology comes together with traditional materials such as wood, in a delicate balance between different spirits of material. And the interplay of solids and voids becomes even more evident, allowing a glimpse of the content of the freestanding bookcase, without completely revealing it.

Lloyd Tex | Low cabinet

Jean-Marie Massaud
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Concept and Design

Lloyd Tex is available in different combinations of widths and heights, to furnish anything from modern home environments and the largest living rooms to smaller spaces, also making the double-sided bookcase a functional space divider.

The horizontal elements on which the fabric louvres slide are created in HPL laminate, a material with a thin but sturdy thickness, veneered in oak with a matte lead finish.

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Jean-Marie Massaud
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