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Designed by the GamFratesi duo, the Domotic Diffuser consists of two elements: the main body, which releases the fragrance, and a circular cover in fine Pelle Frau® leather, available in four different colours, or in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather. The extremely linear design is composed of two leather or saddle-leather discs with contrast stitching and a tone-on-tone dyed edge. A semi-flexible plastic support guarantees its stability.

The Home Diffuser uses solid fragrances contained in special polymer-based “pearls”, which are in turn enclosed in the refills. The initial set comprises three fragrances: Milano, Buongiorno and Luce di Colonia. The fragrance refills can be purchased separately to cater for personal taste: you can choose your favourite scent from among the classic Acqua di Parma fragrances or opt for the special Milano essence, created exclusively for Poltrona Frau. The refills are recyclable to minimise their environmental impact.

The Domotic Diffuser has room for three essences, which can be similar or varied, at the same time, and these can be activated directly on the diffuser or via the app. Developed exclusively for the Smart Home Diffuser, the app allows users to programme the diffusion of the scents, defining their intensity and type. You can therefore choose your favourite scent to diffuse around the room, and there is also the option to set it to diffuse at specific times or days during the week or month. The Domotic Diffuser is managed by a special algorithm that is able to calibrate the intensity of the diffuser and automatically turn it off when the scent has reached the optimum level required in the room.


The Home Diffuser runs off the mains (12V) and includes a 5V lithium ion battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. Power supply 5 VDC - 500mAh. 12-month warranty from date of purchase.

The cover consists of two 24-cm diameter hand-sewn discs of Pelle Frau® leather or Cuoio Saddle Extra leather, raw cut with tone-on-tone dyed edge. The stitching is carried out with grey onyx 51 yarn, as is the bar tack that joins the two discs. The following colours and combinations are available:

- Pelle Frau® SC Acqua di Parma

- Pelle Frau® SC 279 Alchemy

- Pelle Frau® SC 92 Garnet

- Pelle Frau® SC 24 Maggese

- Cuoio Saddle Extra Cammello 

The "Acqua di Parma meets Poltrona Frau" logo features at the centre of the disk near the bottom.

The set of three fragrance refills included with the diffuser contains the scents: Milano, Buongiorno and Luce di Colonia.


Packaging: Round hat box lined internally and externally with Giallo Parma card and paper. Diameter approx. 335 mm for a height of approx. 185 mm.


Smart Home Diffuser

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Concept and Design

The Home Diffuser was jointly developed by Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma. This brand new partnership between two high-profile Italian luxury companies has not only resulted in a cutting-edge product in terms of technology, design and sustainability, but also a new sensory experience for us to enjoy everyday in our homes. 

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