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Lievore - Altherr - Park

The Trust system is completed with two kinds of storage units: the Trust Drawer and the Trust Cabinet. The supporting structure of both is in MDF. The top is in Techno Wood, in the finishes natural and medium oak. Cuoio Saddle Executive in the tones Havana or Bourbon Ink or Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System for the exterior upholstery and the drawers recall the other elements of the collection.             

The Trust drawer unit has a single external filing drawer and an inside drawer whose front is also covered in leather or saddle-leather to match the exterior.
It has hard or soft free swivel castors. Trust Cabinet has three compartments with doors that open to 155°. The central compartment is the largest and comes with an inside shelf. The doors have a soft closing mechanism and it is possible to eliminate or graduate the door’s braking power using a cursor found on each hinge. The doors have a lock and key which can also be used to access the rear cable management compartment. The latter is positioned at the back and can be accessed via the tilting door. The cable management feature is supplied and customised according to the electrical devices chosen and specified by the customer.  

Trust | Cabinet

Lievore - Altherr - Park
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Concept and Design

Poltrona Frau presents the Trust executive office system. Desks, self-supporting walls and storage units designed by Lievore, Altherr and Park for a completely new office concept. Trust is a collection that stems from in-depth research into the evolution of contemporary work. Nowadays, in fact, roles are less rigid and hierarchical, with greater emphasis placed on horizontal relationships. Technology increasingly narrows the confines between the home and the office which redefine each other in turn in fluid scenarios where it is necessary to alternate oases of individual concentration with areas of relaxation and places for meeting and exchange.  

In this context all Trust elements can be freely combined together, adapting to the working style of the user. Volumes and constructions are airy, light and textural. The forms are soft, organic, tapered. Everything is made from leather, saddle-leather and wood, revisited to suit the office space.  

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Lievore - Altherr - Park
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