Weavers Home Fragrance | Diffuser

Simona Cremascoli

Weavers Home Fragrances is the home fragrance available as Weavers Candle, a decorative candle with lid, and as Weavers Diffuser, a diffuser with rattan sticks. Both are enclosed in a translucent gray painted glass container covered in Pelle Frau® leather. Saffron Breeze Scent is the fragrance with top notes of tuberose, Calabrian bergamot, Abruzzi saffron pistil, artemisia; heart notes of suede leather, violet, iris, tobacco; base notes include amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, rice powder, heliotropium. Pink Pepper Touch Scent, on the other hand, features top notes of neroli, bergamot, sage, Peruvian pink pepper; heart notes of jasmine, nutmeg, leather, tobacco leaf; and finally base notes of ambarin wood, palo santo, amyris, and white cedar.

Weavers Home Fragrance | Diffuser

Simona Cremascoli
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Concept and Design

From the creative direction of Simona Cremascoli comes the sought-after Weavers Home Fragrances, the capsule collection of unmissable objects in the contemporary home: fragrance diffusers, must-haves that provide a multi-sensory experience of visual and olfactory pleasure and are now a true decorative trend, comparable to collectibles.

Designed by
Simona Cremascoli

Simona Cremascoli and Roberto Cerri. A duo inspired by culture and place, committed to excellence. Exclusive distribution of selected brands. Management and development of the online and offline retail environment. Research and assistance for architects studios, interior designers and project managers. Creative direction and styling. Design of interiors, retail environments and exhibition stands. Trend scouting and design. Advertising campaigns and catalogues photo-shoots.

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