Zhuang | Tray


They consist of two circular and oval stackable boxes covered with a saddle-leather lid. Each of these consists, in turn, of a stack of four trays, which can be pulled out one by one, held together by the brushed aluminium base in matt natural brass. The collection is completed by two large trays in the same shape and a set of three office accessories: a multi-purpose holder, a pen holder with ruler and a working pad. All containers in the Zhuang collection are made from solid Canaletto walnut, carved from a single piece by numerically controlled machinery and finished with a Cuoio Saddle Extra leather belt in the colours Carbone, Cammello or Tortora. The saddle-leather is embellished with very fine stitching with slightly contrasting yarn and the branded Poltrona Frau logo.

Zhuang | Tray

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In Chinese ‘zhuang’ means to protect something precious. The collection of Zhuang containers designed by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau consists of a series of stackable treasure chests with a minimalist and ultra contemporary design. The Zhuang containers can be used freely in the various areas of the home or office to store both valuable objects or everyday items.

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