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Notebook 24x17 110th Anniversary Edition


Notebook 24x17 110th Anniversary Edition

Objects to place on the table for an environment with attention to every detail.

In celebration of Poltrona Frau's 110th anniversary, a special notebook has been created, in a 17x24 cm format and with a cover clad in the innovative Pelle Frau® Impact Less: the most sustainable leather in the catalogue, because it is tanned without the use of chrome and with significantly less water and fewer chemical components. Made with impeccable artisanship, the cover is available in two all-purpose colours, saddle-leather and blue. This cover is removable, so it can be used with new notepads, and features the special Poltrona Frau 100 + 10 logo on the front and a jacquard cloth covering with the Poltrona Frau logo on the inside. With a clean design, the notebook contains 240 white pages of recycled paper, for drawing or jotting down ideas, and 32 pages coloured orange, the iconic colour of Poltrona Frau, offering a space where you can immerse yourself in the history of the brand through images and words.


    The 2022 True Evolution Collection
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    Notebook 24x17 110th Anniversary Edition IT-EN
    Notebook 24x17 110th Anniversary Edition IT-EN
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