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With Neos Poltrona Frau R. & D. revisited the classic cinema seat to create an ideal solution for the new Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, in the UK. The result is a modular, minimalist and fashionable chair that integrates perfectly with the classic curved style of traditional horseshoe-shaped theatres.

Specifications: Upholstered in fabric, the Neos armchair is composed of a solid frame in steel and MDF. The sides are made from laser-cut steel sheet metal to which padded MDF armrests have been applied. The sheet metal is coated with scratchproof epoxy paint. To guarantee maximum comfort, the Neos chair is padded with fire-resistant polyurethane foam and the spring system consists of woven elastic belts. Neos is distinctive for its curved veneered beechwood backrest panel, available in different finishes. An automatic retraction system consisting of counterweights quietly and discreetly returns the seat to its original position. The armchair sits on a steel base that is fixed to the floor and finished with black epoxy powder paint.
Variants: Different seat upholstery materials can be chosen from a range of comfortable and resistant fabrics or sustainably sourced leathers. Designers, architects and customers can use their own materials subject to the approval of a sample.


HOME and NIGHT Collection – 2020
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