Design by

Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre
with Roberto Lazzeroni

Increasingly modular, increasingly versatile,
increasingly contemporary.

A Poltrona Frau classic since Renzo Frau presented it in 1912, the Chester sofa has graced the decades and generations with its timeless elegance, becoming a true icon in the history of interior design.

Today, the Chester Line sofas family expands into two new curved models.

The classic sofa with its sculpted design is deconstructed and multiplied.

The new curved sofas expand the number of possible combinations:
as well as being used in tandem with the linear solutions,
they can be used on their own to create sinuous winding effects.

“A culture of meditated and durable design”

Poltrona Frau

Embracing modernity and contemporary living requirements

A new vocation, becoming the ideal solution for domestic spaces but also business,
hospitality and hotel settings.

The informal

The natural evolution, lightened and updated to reflect
the new requirements of contemporary living. 

“A concrete expression
of contemporary living”

Poltrona Frau


Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa. He studied art and architecture in Florence, taking an increasing personal interest in the phenomena of conceptual art and radical design during his years of training. He débuted professionally in the early 1980s with a series of important 'Interior Architecture' works that were immediately noticed and published by both Italian and international magazines. Roberto Lazzeroni has enjoyed an extremely dynamic professional journey that today sees him involved in various projects, and able to boast prestigious collaborations, art direction and interior and contract design in various parts of the world.

The sofas

The distinctive features and precious processing details of the Chester are all present, revisited here in a lighter form in the quest for an informal elegance achieved by subtraction.

The classic sofa becomes a true system of modular sofas with various different elements: chaise longue and armchair, both without armrests, pouf and two corner sofas. The number of possibilities is therefore practically infinite, from more closed and circular arrangements to perpendicular effects in which the straight or curved lines leave plenty of scope for creativity and personalisation.

Curved sectional
two-seater sofa

Two-seater curved sofas

Here you are, Chester Line.