Design by

Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre
with Roberto Lazzeroni

The archetype of modern armchair

Ninety years and still going strong. “Modello 904” began production as far back as 1930, known with the name Vanity Fair starting in 1984. The original design seems to have been re-worked by Poltrona Frau starting from the drawings Renzo Frau left to his wife Savina. With the passing of the years, Vanity Fair has become one of the universally recognised icons of Italian design, and the emblem of the company.

A story that Poltrona Frau celebrates with a revisited version designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for the 2020 collection, adapting its proportions to the lifestyles of today.

90 years another
hundred times over

A respectful version of the original,
but even more comfortable and welcoming in which every detail of a Vanity Fair armchair tells a story of experience,
passion and a flair for doing things well.

“That intelligent handicraft
work belonging to the true Made in Italy
that the entire world recognises in the country”

Poltrona Frau

The armchair-symbol

The new armchair embodies all those values of timeless elegance, quality materials and craftmanship skill that have made the Poltrona Frau brand famous over the years

The luxury of
a meditated culture

With its compact but sinuous forms,
this project is the echo of a world open to new
fascinations, a typological revolution that has
represented its strength over time.

“But what have we done?
Hasn't it always been like this?”

Roberto Lazzeroni


Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa. He studied art and architecture in Florence, taking an increasing personal interest in the phenomena of conceptual art and radical design during his years of training.He débuted professionally in the early 1980s with a series of important 'Interior Architecture' works that were immediately noticed and published by both Italian and international magazines. Roberto Lazzeroni has enjoyed an extremely dynamic professional journey that today sees him involved in various projects, and able to boast prestigious collaborations, art direction and interior and contract design in various parts of the world.

Different, but always the same

With this anniversary edition, Poltrona Frau wants to reiterate the guiding principle it has consistently pursued for years: in the world of furniture and interior decoration, true luxury lies in a culture of meditated and durable design combined with an intransigence in choosing, working and producing only the best.

It’s time to meet her.

Here you are, Vanity Fair XC.