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Poltrona Frau Interiors in motion provides high-end leather-wrapped products and uniquely crafted leather seats covers, helping customers to create distinctive interiors for automotive, aircraft and yachting.

  • Stylistic Support

    Poltrona Frau shares its projects with the Style Centres proposing solutions, ideas, techniques; developing leathers, textures and colours in line with the moods of the project while maintaining a strong brand identity.

  • Leather Development

    Poltrona Frau supports car-makers, proposing and developing new leathers in line with technical specifications and market trends.

  • Mathematisation

    Direct process used by Poltrona Frau to ensure the optimum level of product implementation and engineering.

  • Rendering

    Poltrona Frau uses realistic product and environment rendering techniques to analyse and define shapes, colours, materials and details in the best possible way.

  • Development Support

    Poltrona Frau is actively involved in the entire development process, seeking technical and aesthetic solutions to improve product performance levels.

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