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In compliance with the latest measures taken by the Italian Government, and in order to protect the health of our employees and collaborators, the Poltrona Frau production plants in Tolentino will remain closed from Thursday 26th March until April 3rd, 2020. However, all our worldwide office are still operating through smart-working and our Customer Care service is available as per usual working hours.
01 June 2018

Friendly Museum

On the morning of Wednesday 6th of June 2018, the Poltrona Frau Museum in Tolentino took part in the “Museo Amico” project organized by the Municipality of Tolentino, during which it proposed the “Leather in Colours” museum education workshop. The activity was based on an immersive and multi-sensorial approach and was aimed at students of the 1st year of Fashion, 1st year of Mechanical, 4th year of Fashion and 4th year of Mechanics of the vocational high school IPSIA “Renzo Frau” of Tolentino, for a total of 40 between girls and boys. The first phase was dedicated to the tactile exploration of the exhibition conjugated to a storytelling based on the age of the participants, during which the students learned the mental processes of the great architects and designers and the skills of the collaborators and craftsmen of Poltrona Frau. The second phase, on the other hand, was dedicated to the manual and expressive design of innovative items, following the idea of a role-playing game during which the youngsters dressed as creative youngsters called by the company to make new proposals. To complete the experience, the last 20 minutes have been dedicated to the presentation of the works by the students to the whole class, to give life to a collective reflection.

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