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The sinuous and welcoming design of the Taylor seat is an invitation to sit back and immerse yourself in a good film. Its minimalist style, combined with its painstaking eye for detail, make it the ideal seat for a whole series of settings. Private projection rooms, cinemas, clubs, company meeting rooms.

Taylor adapts with stylish ease to both small and large spaces. Designed by Anne Maske for Poltrona Frau, the Taylor chair is highly versatile because its thickness and its proportions remain contained.


The seat and backrest structure is made from solid beech while the armrests are made from three different woods: poplar for the curved parts, beech for the structural parts to guarantee solidity and birch for the lower parts. The fire-resistant padding is of differentiated density to guarantee correct ergonomic support. Additional lower back support guarantees even more comfort. The seat spring system consists of elastic belts. The base is made from powder-painted metal.

The Taylor chair is upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather, in the colour variants available or customised on request. The lower back support can also be customised using different colours to the rest of the seat. The chair has a manual recline system; the backrest can be reclined by sliding the seat forwards. When you get up, the armchair returns to its original position thanks to a series of springs.


HOME and NIGHT Collection – 2020
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Anna Maske

Anna Maske

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