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  • Poltrona Frau has realised a specific research and performed scrupulous tests before arriving at the definition of Saddle Executive leather. Inside a house or an office, saddle leather is subject to stresses of daily use and temperature changes. Softness, dimensional stability, quality, elasticity and durability over time are the main characteristics of Saddle Executive, necessary qualities for an innovative product collection such as Trust, by Lievore - Altherr - Park.

    The nature of the material is selected adult male cattle, of European origin tanned with chrome and colored in drums with organic and synthetic dyeing pigments with passing dying. The fatting in the drum and the finishing help to preserve and enhance the natural softness of the material, giving a soft and silky feel. The final effect is a flat natural surface with a slight cloudy effect. Due to its characteristics Saddle Executive leather is stable to light and has a good resistance to stains. Any small scars or roughness testify the authenticity of the material and its natural origin. 


    Specifications and care

    Origin Male bovines of European origins
    Type Pigmented Leather
    Tanning Chrome tanning and synthetic vegetable tanning
    Light resistance Good
    Look Flat and slightly cloudy
    Stain resistance Good
    Hand and touch Solid hand and smooth touch
    Wear resistance Good
    Thickness 1,1 - 1,3 mm
    Fire resistance Comply with: - S.I. 1324 and sub. Mod. – Sch. 5 Part 1 and Sch. 4 Part 1 (sources 1 and 0) - TB117:2013, section 1
    1. Dust the product frequently with a white, dry non-abrasive cotton or linen cloth.
    2. Remove immediately any stain by absorbing it with a soft, slightly damp white cotton or linen cloth and dry with the same cloth
    3. It is recommended to use the Elisir di Lunga Vita cleaning kit for intensive cleaning. Avoid alcohol or other solvents that may be aggressive.
    4. Avoid direct contact with heat sources, keeping the product at a minimum distance of 20-30 cm. Avoid direct sunlight.