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Jean Nouvel designs a decidedly innovative chair for Poltrona Frau, distinctive for its minimalist and rational lines. The Close chair has a strong and original visual impact. Its compact design with dynamic profile is reminiscent of constructivist styles but with a contemporary spin.

Contrary to its angular appearance, Close is designed down to the finest ergonomic detail. As well as its undoubted aesthetic elegance, this also ensures total comfort.


The Close chair has a special opening and closing mechanism that joins the seat and the backrest. The seat tips-up automatically with joints in noise-damping nylon. The structure is made from wood with sides, backrest and seat covered in fire-resistant padding to prevent deformation over time and maintain its load-bearing capacity and textural features. The spring system consists of elastic belts. The upholstery is in Pelle Frau® leather, fabric or velvet. The Close seat can be installed in straight or curved rows using a metal base lacquered with scratch-proof and shock-resistant epoxy dusts.


HOME and NIGHT Collection – 2020
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