“Made of Stories” by people who design, craft and live

12 JANUARY 2023

The “Made of Stories” advertising campaign celebrates our brand’s authenticity, which has always been bound up in endless stories.

There are stories about people who design, produce and live with these furnishing objects every day. Stories of the emotion and passion that together form the essence of the brand.

In Made of Stories, individual furnishings become the focus of multiple intertwining and overlapping levels of narrative, one weaving within the other in a tapestry of stories eager to be revealed.

This dense and multifaceted world can only finally be fully revealed through AR technology – augmented reality. 

Using the QR codes in the images, it will be possible to access interactive content that tells the hidden stories behind each product.

Stories of Design are stories dedicated to the creative processes of the many Italian and international architects and designers who have collaborated with Poltrona Frau over the years.

Stories of Craftsmanship dive into the culture of production know-how and the intelligence of the hands that are unique only to Poltrona Frau’s master craftsmen.

Stories of Living, vignettes of people who have embraced the brand’s lifestyle and make it part of their daily life at home.


With the “Made of Stories” campaign, we are developing a distinctive and innovative communication strategy that stands out in the world of high-end furniture by consistently continuing on its path of digitalization, and trying to bridge the gaps between online and offline experiences to bring the brand to life in a single, integrated dimension.


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