Taipei turns blue with the Taipei Performing Arts Center project

26 JANUARY 2023

August 2022, the vibrant Taipei Shilin Night Market is even more appealing after the inauguration of the Taipei Performing Arts Center.


Working side by side with the OMA Studio - Office for Metropolitan Architecture – and its founder Rem Koolhaas, our Custom Interiors business unit provided the 800 custom seatings for the spherical Globe Playhouse, and 1.500 seats for the Grand Theater.


The Taipei Performing Arts Center is a compact and flexible building, with its three theatres connected by a central cube accomodating the stages, back stages, and support spaces, it paves the way for new unsuspected performances.


The facades of the theatres are mysterious and opaque, opposed to the animated and illuminated central cube clad in corrugated glass. The latter is lifted off the ground to create a landscaped plaza. From there, a Public Loop – with portal windows open to views inside the three theaters – runs through the infrastructure and spaces for performing arts production that are typically hidden.


The Taipei Performing Arts Center is the reflection of the younger artists generation of this town.


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Images: © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA