Welcome to our new Flagship Store in New York!

27 March 2024

Our new store on Madison Avenue, in the vibrant heart of New York City, is now open to the public. It's one of the largest stores in the midtown Manhattan Design District, designed as a dynamic space that encourages interaction and creativity.


Encompassing three levels and covering an impressive 19,000 square feet, the store is housed within a historic building from the early twentieth-century, one of the first Art Deco masterpieces in the area. The new store aims to become an experiential center, offering customers access to a diverse range of brands, including Ceccotti Collezioni, Cappellini, and Officine Gullo.


A farewell to our SoHo store, a beacon of the brand in the United States for many years, and a warm welcome to the new, larger space developed by the multidisciplinary creative studio AMDL CIRCLE and FROM Architecture. This space acts as a dynamic canvas to showcase our various solutions for residential living, workspaces, and public areas, offering visitors an unparalleled experience beyond mere furniture and design. In this regard, the absence of a reception desk is intentional: to immerse customers in the environment without conventions and formalities.


The interior architecture harmoniously integrates with the furnishings, emphasizing their aesthetic and material characteristics through a careful combination of colors and meticulous space arrangement. Iconic pieces and other collections of the brand, with special attention to the 2023 Pleasures Collection, are prominently displayed, creating domestic settings that exude an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. At the center of the store, there's a textured library stretching over 10 meters where materials are neatly organized on elegant black metal shelves, inviting practical exploration, tactile experience, and experimentation with creative combinations.


To mark the inauguration, we are launching a limited edition of 50 Leplì stools, available for sale exclusively in New York. This special version pays homage to the original organic form of the product while embracing a new dimension through the reimagination of handwoven wicker. With distinctive lightness and voluptuous curves inspired by feminine forms, accentuated by a subtle Pelle Frau leather belt highlighting the "waist," and adorned with a soft leather cushion on the seat for this limited edition, the stool exemplifies a unique blend of craftsmanship and elegance, embodying the spirit of New York and its rich design heritage.