Poltrona Frau Alert
In compliance with the latest measures taken by the Italian Government, and in order to protect the health of our employees and collaborators, the Poltrona Frau production plants in Tolentino will remain closed from Thursday 26th March until April 3rd, 2020. However, all our worldwide office are still operating through smart-working and our Customer Care service is available as per usual working hours.

Ferretti Navetta 33

Navetta 33 遊艇是為 Ferretti 集團最尊榮品牌完成的第一個專案。此專案由 Poltrona Frau Interiors in Motions 部門承接,詮釋船艙以及起居室的木工系統。Navetta 33 遊艇的船艙再現了能突顯 Gran Torino 和 Gran Torino Coupé 床的沉穩與優雅的奢華。所用材料為 Pelle Frau® 軟皮和硬皮,剪裁線外露並打蠟。起居室和船艙的所有立柱內部均帶 LED 技術照明系統,光線能直接透過硬皮散發出來。 

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