Classic in its future form - Ouverture 40 years Young

27 Ottobre

Poltrona Frau reinterprets Overture, designed by Pierluigi Cerri in 1982. A sofa where technology and sublime craftmanship express their stylistic research, which today can still speak to a contemporary audience. Its design highlights the Leathership® concept by Poltrona Frau, representing the ability to work other materials like metals, in combination with leather. Following and respecting the original design by Pierluigi Cerri, today’s Overture is a pure synthesis between tradition and cutting-edge design.


After 40 years Poltrona Frau reinterprets Overture, the sofa designed by Pierluigi Cerri in 1982. This new edition of Overture sofa is the clear expression of the Leathership® concept created by Poltrona Frau – at that time still at an embryonic stage -; representing the capability of processing different materials other than leather, such as metals, with cutting-edge technologies pursuing an undisputed craftmanship expertise and quality.