Imagine a new way of living

11 April 2024

The theme of our new collection is "Imagination", guiding us through our completely renovated Flagship store in Milan, located at via Manzoni 30. This renovation was designed by Studio Brigolin Baschera and styled by Simona Cremascoli, with the support of sponsors Bang & Olufsen, Emilgroup, and BuzziSpace, whom we thank.


To best represent this rich and diverse collection, the store is redesigned through a series of scenarios, where each corner hosts a new interpretation of the main theme. The journey is marked by wooden panels, emphasizing possible openings or other spaces to be reconfigured as desired, along with new colors: warm and cool, intense and bright.

Where to begin? Perhaps by paying homage to the 'woman who imagines'.


In 1924, the artist and illustrator Giacomo Nanni created a poster for Renzo Frau depicting a woman lounging in a chair while smoking a cigarette, lost in her fantasies. It's an invitation to relaxation but also a representation of a freedom and modernity that Poltrona Frau has embodied since its inception and that guides us towards the future.


This freedom and breath are highlighted by two artistic installations that, for the first time, interact with the setups. Benedetta Mori Ubaldini creates, with her sculptures suspended in wire mesh, a scenographic ensemble of great impact and simultaneously airy lightness. Daniele Papuli, on the other hand, works with paper, creating incredible and poetic three-dimensional "sculptographies".


The journey through the novelties of the 2024 Imagine Collection becomes a continuous discovery within the store, starting with the many new designers invited to collaborate with us.


The courtyard of our flagship store is dedicated to the novelties of the Outdoor collection: we’ve always imagined a living concept without distinctions between indoor and outdoor, and we put the same care into design, coverings, and the smallest details of finishes in all our products.

The 360-degree pursuit of excellence finds one of its highest expressions in the interiors we've crafted over the years for Ferrari, and it will be possible to admire them firsthand thanks to one of Maranello's flagship models on display.


We return to a more intimate dimension in the section dedicated to the new Beautilities, everyday objects designed to bring wellness into our day. With their mere presence, these small, refined domestic totems give us moments of pure pleasure.


Just like the products of the Ceccotti collection present in the side of the store facing via Borgospesso: the almost organic sinuosity of the design and the natural richness of the essences crafted according to the dictates of high cabinetmaking, create furniture designed to bring pleasure to those who choose them.


When it comes to imagination, it's impossible to forget about cinema. Poltrona Frau dedicates a special space to it with its new Pillow Cinema armchair from which to admire a video installation specially created by Bang & Olufsen, to provide an authentic and engaging surround audio experience.

We imagine new spaces, even exhibition ones: this year our products don't just stay in the shop window but, during Design Week, they "invade" the entire city. The Akris boutique on via della Spiga, the Bocconi campus and the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci display some of our bestsellers, while the “Mix Reality Living Exhibition” in partnership with the Istituto Marangoni reflects on the interaction between inhabitants and the space they will live in, also in light of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence. But that's not all: strolling through the city, you'll discover the new billboards of our "Out of home" campaign: ten iconic products, including the two new subjects Chester and Dezza, positioned in key locations around the city. We challenge you to find them all!