Poltrona Frau has also been involved in non-residential projects since the 1930s, continuing to earn growing recognition in a complex and constantly evolving sector thanks to the projects developed by the Group's business units.

The Custom Interiors business unit works alongside the best international architects to create interior furnishings in public spaces. Museums, theatres, auditoriums, cinemas, airports, showrooms, hotels, offices, restaurants… unique environments that require products with specific characteristics to meet acoustic, visibility and durability requirements.

The Interiors in Motion business unit, born in the mid-1980s, goes beyond the confines of residential living, specializing in the creation, manufacture and supply of distinctive leather interiors in the premium automotive, air, rail transport and marine sectors.
It is an ambitious challenge that is renewed with each project: in an increasingly fluid and dynamic world, where the boundary between indoors and outdoors, home and travel becomes increasingly blurred, the need for comfort and elegance grows even in spaces outside the home.

Poltrona Frau is able to respond with creativity and experience to the various needs of the most demanding designers and customers, interpreting their thoughts with respect and fidelity and following the work in all its phases, from the initial study to the realization and implementation. The great tradition of craftsmanship and the attention to detail typical of Poltrona Frau combine with the most advanced and innovative trends in the sector, allowing us to create partnerships of excellence around the world, distinguished by the Italian taste and elegance that have made the Poltrona Frau brand famous.


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