Pelle Frau® Outdoor

Starting from an exploration in the world of boating and only after extensive laboratory and field testing, Poltrona Frau has developed Pelle Frau® Outdoor: a covering particularly resistant to atmospheric agents, but which maintains intact the characteristics of touch, feel, and color depth.

SC 176-Darsena
SC 178-Alpi
SC 21-Amianto
SC 26-Topo
SC 32-Caolino
SC 67-C.Garofano

Pelle Frau® Outdoor

Pelle Frau® Outdoor originates from a selection of high-quality European bovine hides, traced, controlled, and certified by farms that follow animal welfare guidelines. Through a mineral tanning process, an intense and stable color is obtained on a soft yet incredibly durable surface.

The color selection was made by opting for ColorSphere® shades optimized for outdoor finishes and materials. A choice that allows greater stylistic and visual continuity between spaces conceived as a whole, without limitations compared to interiors.

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