Infinitamente | Table

Roberto Lazzeroni

Infinitamente marble dining table is a limited edition available in two variants: oval-shaped, measuring 220x124 cm, and staggered double oval-shaped, measuring 340x120 cm. The table top is glossy Bianco Levigliani marble, treated with a transparent polyester varnish that improves its surface resistance and prevents the absorption of liquids. The staggered double oval top consists of two opposing parts joined by a polished stainless steel metal blade insert that finishes the joint line. The Nero Marquinia marble base, single in the smaller version of the table and double in the bigger one, is carved from a monolith mechanically sculpted and finished by hand. This particular workmanship allows the intrinsic properties of the stone to emerge, showcasing the mineral stratification that contributed to the creation of this very special marble over the centuries. For this reason, each base is visually unique and may feature areas of different brightness, as well as variations in shade and grain.

Infinitamente | Table

Roberto Lazzeroni
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Concept and Design

More of a work of art than a design object, the Infinitamente table is the limited re-edition of the highly successful Infinito∞ table, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni.
The staggered double oval shape evokes the complementary shapes of yin and yang, as well as the symbol of endless fulfillment and prosperity of the inverted 8: hence the name. Inspired by the uniqueness of marble, the table-sculpture becomes an object d'art of absolute scenic impact. The raw material by its very nature ensures that each piece has a unique and peculiar appearance, like a snapshot of centuries-old geological stratification that reveals itself in a natural landscape of textures, veinings and chromatic nuances. The in-depth design thinking and unparalleled craftsmanship employed in the making of the Infinitamente table result in a design object that is the epitome of contemporary luxury.

Designed by
Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa. He studied art and architecture in Florence, taking an increasing personal interest in the phenomena of conceptual art and radical design during his years of training.He débuted professionally in the early 1980s with a series of important 'Interior Architecture' works that were immediately noticed and published by both Italian and international magazines. Roberto Lazzeroni has enjoyed an extremely dynamic professional journey that today sees him involved in various projects, and able to boast prestigious collaborations, art direction and interior and contract design in various parts of the world.
 Awards include: Tecniques Discretes (Paris, 1991), Conran Foundation Museum, (London, 1992), Elegant Techniques, (Chicago, 1992), La Fabbrica Estetica, (Paris, 1993), Dall'Albergo alla Nave, (Genoa, 1993), Costruire il mobile, (Milan 1999).

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