Jane | Table

Jean-Marie Massaud

The top of the Jane table is in precious Calacatta gold marble, Emperador marble or in the new Fior di Pesco marble (with glossy or semi-glossy finish). The bottom surface of the top is strengthened with a technical mesh to guarantee its resistance and stability. The supporting structure consists of three columns, each one composed of three elements: a mounting plate for the top, a central wooden column and a base plate. The legs have a solid beechwood core that is enclosed in four high-density MDF panels, shaped and veneered with moka- or wenge-stained ash.

The Jane table is also available in the round table version on four columns with marble top composed of four extractable radial sections and a round central plate that can swivel on request (Lazy Susan). The central top is available in Calacatta gold marble, Emperador marble or Fior di Pesco marble (with glossy or semi-glossy finish). The radial sections can be pulled out by up to 10 cm to make them easier to clean. They are available in Calacatta gold or Emperador marble with glossy finish, matching the type of finish chosen for the central disc.

Jane | Table

Jean-Marie Massaud
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Concept and Design

With Jane, Jean-Marie Massaud rewrites the rulebook and envisages the table as an organic and free element in space. Unlikely to go unnoticed, the Jane table is held up by three imposing and irregular supports that almost appear to have been sculpted. The solidity of the base contrasts with the airy lightness of the broad surface, which is accentuated by its rounded and irregular corners. The ingenious steel junction between the legs and the top emphasises the sensation that the surface is floating in space. With its unconventional design, the Jane table avoids imposing positions or hierarchies. Five, eight or ten people can be seated around it. Jane can also be used as a work table with its large surface organised in complete freedom. For more informal spaces, but also as a highly elegant table in an executive office.

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Jean-Marie Massaud
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