When you think about furnishing a room you often concentrate on the chairs, the tables, the curtains or even the rugs, forgetting the importance of light. Yet nothing can alter the perception of a room like good or poor light to make it welcoming or, conversely, unattractive. Poltrona Frau gives lighting the role it deserves, dedicating it a privileged place among its collections with a wide range of designer lamps to correctly illuminate every corner of the home. Slender and elegant floor lamps, refined pendant lamps that showcase the furniture below.
Table lamps and bedside lamps so you can work or read in total comfort. Never centre stage but always at the service of the rooms around them, they add a warm and natural touch to every part of the house. However, it would be unfair to talk only of their functionality, ignoring their aesthetic value. Though designed to light up the things that surround them, the Poltrona Frau lamps have their own understated but distinct personality that makes them easy on the eye even when off. Produced with top quality finishes and in fine materials like mouth-blown Murano glass, the perfect combination of design and artisanship, the Poltrona Frau lamps are little works of art that light up our daily lives.