The centrepiece of any interior design project, the sofa dictates the style of a room, the item with which everything else must fall into line.
Its function has changed a lot over the years: from a purely symbolic object to an increasingly important part of our daily lives, an area for socialising or, on the contrary, a private island for playing, listening, watching or relaxing. The Poltrona Frau Sofa collection meets all of these needs. In fact, all of its traditional or designer sofas seek to establish a perfect balance between form and function. The style of modern sofas, even the most minimalist, always take account of ergonomics and comfort. The classic models, which have written the story of Poltrona Frau, were revisited in terms of their profiles and proportions to adjust to new requirements as regards space and the way they are used. What hasn’t changed is the company’s attention to detail, the elegance of the hidden details, the artisanal care that goes into the finishes and the absolute quality of the raw materials, beginning with the famous Pelle Frau® leather. It is the “invisible” characteristics that have made Poltrona Frau fabric and leather sofas one of the recognised symbols of ‘Made in Italy’. Not mere design objects but true examples of style; the result of a living culture with deep roots.