Storage Units 

We all dream of living in a simple and immaculately tidy Zen-like home but our prosaic day-to-day accumulation of objects often ends up getting the better of us. Poltrona Frau comes to our rescue with its designer storage units, items of furniture that combine absolute formal elegance with great functionality. Dressers and designer cabinets of all sizes, minimalist and clean or large and showy. Furniture that meets all requirements with elegance and practicality, tidily gathering together all our possessions and showing them off or hiding them from view, when necessary. Poltrona Frau storage units come in different materials and forms. They are designed for both the day and night areas of the home, and the office. The artisanship that goes into producing them makes them particularly sturdy and resistant over time. Valuable elements to furnish with style, with no need for compromises.