Trust | Screen

Lievore - Altherr - Park

The horizontal lines of the desks dialogue with the vertical Trust Screen panels. Thin diaphragms, with flat or curved geometries, that allow you to delimit spaces without closing them. To separate and bring together, without distancing. The panels, which can be accessorised as desired with shelves and storage units, are easy to assemble and modular thanks to the self-supporting system to create private areas in the office environment.
The structure of the Trust Screen panels is in MDF with a Techno-Wood oak veneer. Finish in natural or medium oak.
The feet are in slate-coloured steel. Trust Screen can be completed as desired with shelves or cabinets in two different sizes and integrated with cable management accessories, a raceway, which enables cables to pass through the Screen panel, or a cable management clothes stand panel.
A clothes hook is also available on request. The suspended shelves consist of two surfaces and a central pillar and are covered in Pelle Frau® leather or Saddle Executive leather.  

Trust | Screen

Lievore - Altherr - Park
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Concept and Design

Poltrona Frau presents the Trust executive office system.
Desks, self-supporting walls and storage units designed by Lievore, Altherr and Park for a completely new office concept.
Trust is a collection that stems from in-depth research into the evolution of contemporary work. Nowadays, in fact, roles are less rigid and hierarchical, with greater emphasis placed on horizontal relationships. Technology increasingly narrows the confines between the home and the office which redefine each other in turn in fluid scenarios where it is necessary to alternate oases of individual concentration with areas of relaxation and places for meeting and exchange.  

In this context all Trust elements can be freely combined together, adapting to the working style of the user. Volumes and constructions are airy, light and together material. The forms are soft, organic, tapered. Everything is made from leather, saddle-leather and wood, revisited to suit the office space.   

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