Vespero | Bedstead

The Vespero is a fixed bed base.

Allows the stiffness in the lower back area to be adjusted. High absorbency under shoulders.

Mattresses that go with Vespero bed base: all mattresses in the Poltrona Frau collection.  

Vespero | Bedstead

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Concept and Design

The Poltrona Frau collection of night accessories is composed of shapes designed to welcome sleep with natural elegance. Our contemporary pursuit of both physical and mental well-being certainly cannot neglect the importance of quality rest. Sleep is the guardian of health, capable of replenishing our energy day after day through its regenerative effects.

The night collection accessories are characterised by attention to comfort and aesthetic detail. All this comes together to offer you products with technical touches and renewed designs that are pleasing to the touch. With refined details, they represent a synergy of contemporary design and tradition.  

Coverings and finishes
The materials available to professionals in the sector.