Kleine Sessel und Stühle

Rigorous, flirty, slender, large, curvy, straight, padded, rigid, folding, with or without armrests... no other item of furniture is quite so subject to taste, or whimsy, as the chair. It comes in thousands of different styles and may or may not match its ideal partners, the table and the desk.
The collection of Poltrona Frau chairs is so large and varied that it can meet any requirement. Many models, from more classical products ever present in the company catalogue to rationalist modern chairs and the designer chairs of recent years, created by the most famous international designers. Wooden chairs, in fine essences, but also in aluminium and other materials, padded by hand and upholstered with the famous Pelle Frau® leather, saddle-leather or fabric, adapt elegantly and easily to the most diverse of rooms. They can be the perfect complement for a dining table or add a touch of chic to a homely living room; they can be the soul mate of a designer desk or the ideal solution for the corner of a bedroom. Whatever room they are used in, Poltrona Frau chairs exude a sense of style and measure that never overpowers the other pieces of decor but rather brings them together with incredible naturalness, creating that relaxing, warm elegance we typically associate with home.