Solaris 50 represents another bet aced by team Solaris Yachts

03 May 2022

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest collaboration in the world of sailing. Heir to the previous Solaris 50 model, European Yacht of the Year 2016 award winner, the new Solaris 50 combines all top features available in a 15 meters performance cruiser. The Solaris 50 waterlines represent the latest evolution in the projects of Javier Soto Acebal, designer of all Solaris cruisers in production today, who has been able to confer even more balance to the hull: incredible and better performances always maintaining a soft passage on the wave.

Unveiled at Monfalcone Marina, the oldest one in Italy living a renaissance thanks to investments and restorations that is just 20 minutes away from the Solaris shipyard, the new model boasts a sail area of 155 m2 and a 50 or 75 horsepower engine, with mobile seats to steer in all conditions of sea weather and gait and a large cockpit for complete freedom of movement.

Solaris 50 is destined to be successful just like the previous models, also thanks to the collaboration with our Custom Interiors business unit for its interior design. The Roseo Design studio curated all interiors, following the classic Solaris layout “Master fore” and available in two dispositions for the boat owner suite, with central or left sided bed. On the bow Solaris offers two spacious cabins with single or double beds, both with wide windows facing on the inner cockpit. In addition to the 3 cabins-2 bathrooms layout, it is possible to choose an original solution with a third bathroom on the left side moving the kitchen all along the right side. As always, the exceptional cure to finishing is confirmed as the hearth and foundations of the Solaris shipyard craftsmanship. The collaboration with Poltrona Frau enables prestigious personalization for the Solari 50 interiors: from the chart area seating to the master suite, the infinite combinations of colors and materials are sure to meet any need and taste of the owners of this new cruiser.

First picture credit: @nicola_oleotto