Poltrona Frau Alert
In compliance with the latest measures taken by the Italian Government, and in order to protect the health of our employees and collaborators, the Poltrona Frau production plants in Tolentino will remain closed from Thursday 26th March until April 3rd, 2020. However, all our worldwide office are still operating through smart-working and our Customer Care service is available as per usual working hours.

Audi A8 - 6.3 W12

从“Soul”内饰皮革概念出发,Poltrona FrauAudi制作并提供了最优秀的皮革:Audi Pelle Agata。这是一种“全粒面”半青皮,其特点在于色彩透明而饱满,具有自然的光敏性。Audi Pelle Agata仅使用透明合成染料染色,表面涂有一层生漆。这种透明效果与木材相似,其表面处理并不覆盖天然的结节和纹理,而是突出和彰显其美感。因此,每块皮革都有独一无二的特别外观,宛若大自然的亲自设计。除此之外,Audi Pelle Agata“手感”特别柔软、触感宜人,因此成为Poltrona Frau Interiors皮革中最珍贵的一款。

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