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Audi A8 - 6.3 W12

Based on the concept for its “Soul” leather for upholstery, Poltrona Frau created and supplied Audi with its best leather: Audi Pelle Agata. This full-grain semi-aniline hide stands out for its transparency and the fullness of its colours, which are naturally photosensitive.

Audi Pelle Agata is dyed exclusively with synthetic transparent dyes and is finished with a layer of lacquer. This transparent effect is similar to that of a piece of wood whose treatment enhances its natural knots and veins rather than covering them. Every hide therefore has an interesting, unique appearance, as if the leather was designed by nature itself. This characteristic, in addition to its particularly soft and pleasant texture, makes Audi Pelle Agata the most prized of the Poltrona Frau Interiors leathers.
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