A new acoustic barrier for Bay Lounge designed by BuzziSpace

Comfort and Innovation on display at 2024 Antwerp Design Week

12 June 2024

In collaboration with Foster + Partners and BuzziSpace, we are proud to present a new accessory for Bay Lounge at 2024 Antwerp Design Week.


In a world where travelers are constantly seeking temporary refuges during their stops, Bay Lounge, designed for use in public spaces and already synonymous with comfort and relaxation, is now enriched with an innovative acoustic barrier designed by BuzziSpace, a Belgian company specializing in the design of acoustic and lighting solutions for functional and inspiring workspaces. This barrier not only improves acoustic privacy by reducing ambient noise but also offers greater visual privacy, creating an intimate and secluded atmosphere in open spaces.


The collaboration between Poltrona Frau, Foster + Partners, and BuzziSpace reflects a common vision: to promote serene and comfortable environments where travelers can find respite from the frenzy of airports and transit areas. The solutions proposed by BuzziSpace, renowned for creating happy and healthy workspaces, integrate perfectly with the aesthetics and functionality of Bay Lounge, transforming the entire user experience.

The exhibition, which will last for a year, will be visible at the Norwegian Seamen Church in Antwerp, a location rich in history, recently reconverted and transformed by BuzziSpace and its founder into a modern office and showroom space. A unique context to celebrate design and innovation, hosting renowned brands and designers from all over the world.


During 2024 Antwerp Design Week, on June 4th, our Global Marketing, Communications and E-Commerce Director, Leonardo Allasia, gave a talk on the principles of marketing a special brand and sustainability entitled Poltrona Frau: Value in Time, highlighting that sustainability depends on consumer behaviour and the value in owning durable products that last, a principle that embodies the pholosophy of Poltrona Frau.


Join us to discover the temporary exhibition that, along with the special version of the Bay System, also showcases some of our residential products.