DUO Collection

with Ceccotti Collezioni

Duo: the union of two elements that results not in the simple sum of its parts, but produces a new entity, the outcome of the combination of singularities and the shared experience that generated it. The DUO Collection expresses this concept: the shared creative act of Poltrona Frau and Ceccotti Collezioni originates a collection that not only encapsulates the excellence of each, but elevates it to a new creative and conceptual significance. The products born from this common vision communicate the value of hospitality and becomes, through the shapes and feelings of the matter, an expression of the pleasure of welcoming. Sumptuous soft and rounded upholstered items, made by Poltrona Frau's expert artisans at the Tolentino production site, together with exquisite "Made in Tuscany" wooden furnishings produced with the techniques of Ceccotti Collezioni's tradition of artistic cabinet-making, contribute to creating environments, both private and collective, that naturally facilitate interaction and sharing among people. Silhouettes with a retro flavor inspired by the lightheartedness of the Italian Dolce Vita capture the spirit of times, yet they become perfectly adaptable to even the most contemporary settings thanks to the versatility of their gentle shapes, accurate proportions and precious material choices for the finishes.