Our materials

Poltrona Frau has made leather its material of choice. Knowledge and culture of production - Leathership™ - today transferred to the processing of marble and stone, glass, shells and metals, expressing the same extraordinary quality and craftsmanship. To emphasize the uniqueness and expressive beauty of each material.


In the long and fascinating history of Poltrona Frau's core material, leather, today there is a department that works for the three Company divisions: the Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre. Inside, the legacy of more than a century of knowledge is the basis of constant challenges in the search for new frontiers on aesthetics and performance.


Poltrona Frau’s textile collection is the fruit of continuous, in-depth study of material by the Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre and its partnership with the most highly qualified Italian textile manufacturers. The collection emerges out of a total, coordinated approach to design that considers the fabric not simply a cover or decoration but as a kind of “second skin” that achieves its highest expression when combined with other materials such as leather, hide and wood.


Poltrona Frau pays utmost attention to the selection of quality woods and their origin. From the internal structures of the beech wood furnishings to the natural solid woods that make up the furniture, it shows refined workmanship, the product of the very best woodworking.


The beauty of an ancient material such as marble enriches furnishings with timeless elegance. Craftsmanship of impeccable quality enhances the diversity of veins and colours of different origins. To celebrate a pure, natural material that is always unique.


The transparency of glass, handcrafted or mouth-blown following the ancient traditions of the Venetian masters, is celebrated in refined furnishing accessories that often pair the material with others for a refined aesthetic result. 


The refinement of natural stones embellishes rooms with a contemporary taste. Stone slabs, available in different colours and surface effects, complete the Poltrona Frau furnishings, conferring a sophisticated yet personal elegance.


Multiform profiles and steel rods or die-cast aluminium structures are the supporting elements of many of Poltrona Frau's furnishings. Skilled workmanship and the best painting processes make the products light and modern.