The Leather

Poltrona Frau Leathership®

A neologism. A trademark, recognised today at an international level. An exceptional chromatic vocabulary. A word that embodies the primacy in the research and development of Pelle Frau®.


Since 1912, the material of choice with rich tactile and visual potential. Today Leathership® embodies the sense of extensive experience in materials, leather, fabrics, marbles and woods, combined with continuous research and innovation.


Something that is now translated into Pelle Frau® ColorSphere Impact Less, as the culmination of thirty years of research into reducing environmental impact during the processing and transformation of leather. Chrome-free tanned leather which reduces Co2 emissions by 10%.

Pelle Frau® leather

In the long and fascinating history of Poltrona Frau's core material, leather, today there is a department that works for the three Company divisions: the Pelle Frau® Research and Development Centre.


Inside, the legacy of more than a century of knowledge is the basis of constant challenges in the search for new frontiers on aesthetics and performance. The Research Centre is the sole reference in the research and development of the leathers, defining the technical and organoleptic parameters of each Pelle Frau® leather, which not only allow for production control and uniformity, but also for the implementation of their processes over time. Today, production circularity and the analysis of the real impact of the entire product life cycle (LCA) are becoming increasingly important.


After the revolutionary study of the Color System Frau®, in 1986, work focused on customising the collections according to the project, the application sector and the originality of each individual collection. A room full of colours and leathers with different origins and processes developed in collaboration with the most qualified tanneries are the background to this technical and creative department. All the proposals of the new Pelle Frau® collections for the Residential, Custom Interiors and Interiors in Motion business units are born here. A unique reality in the furniture sector created with the awareness that leather, for Poltrona Frau, is not only a design material, but also a tool for a more environmentally friendly production.


Thirty years of research into reducing the environmental impact during the processing and transformation of leather resulted in Pelle Frau® ColorSphere Impact Less, a chrome-free tanned leather that reduces the total use of chemicals by 15% and water consumption by 10%, for a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions during the tanning process. A proactive and strategic commitment by Poltrona Frau.

Test Laboratory

Testing and scientific validation of the work of the Pelle Frau® Research and Development Center is up to the Test Laboratory. From 1986 in the Tolentino laboratory are tested semi-finished and finished products, from upholsteries, to seats, up to products for the automotive sector. Xenon test chambers, flexometers, dynamometers, abrasimeters, climatic and test equipment for the determination of strength and structural durability of the seats move synchronously to ensure always compliance with specifications, safety and quality expected for the final customer, before each project is validated.

The Collections

Each collection represents a different world: for the chromatic offer, for the hand, for the touch, the tanning process and the aesthetic value.

Tanning working stages

Start your journey in the tanning process. Discover how Pelle Frau® is born.

Care and Maintenance