New Products

It is easy to fall back on tradition, experience, the security of tried and tested solutions. Poltrona Frau has such long and consolidated experience in the business that it could easily just continue to stick with what it knows. But it is precisely this wealth of expertise that pushes and drives it to come up with new designs. Designer furnishing trends change quickly, as do construction material and technology trends. And herein lies the most intriguing challenge for a brand that has never been interested in the here and now: seeking each time to propose new designs inspired by a way of life consistent with the Poltrona Frau values. Designer furnishings that take their cue and inspiration from the latest trends but are not consumed by them, supplementing them with innovation and research as part of a long-term vision. This section gathers together the new furnishings presented during the various industry shows, like the Salone del Mobile Furniture Fair in Milan. Original designer furniture or new pieces that enrich existing collections. Pieces of a varied and composite mosaic that tells the story of a brand that has moved with the times for over a hundred years while always remaining true to itself.

Nuovi prodotti