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Soffi lamps consist of two elements, both in blown glass.
The outer globe, ethereal and almost weightless, is in faded milk white or smoky grey tones. Inside, the light fitting, in matt white blown glass with a pearl finish, is visibly more solid.
The light produced by the lamp is evenly diffused and brings out the faded colour of the external glass and its gradual transparency.
A magical and harmonious effect, perfect in various settings, made even more evocative by the unique nature of every Soffi lamp. The blowing of body-tinted glass produces different nuances and irregularities in the shape of the light.
The refined Cuoio Saddle Extra leather strap comes with two finishes, Camel or Taupe, with contrast stitching and tone-on-tone raw-edge seam.
A saddle-leather loop conceals the joint of the strap. The Poltrona Frau logo is branded on the strap. All internal metal parts have a brushed brass finish.
The roses are in polished stainless steel with adjustable transparent cables.

The Soffi collection includes three sizes of lights, small, medium and large, which can be combined in different configurations. As well as the single lamps, linear compositions with three globes and bunch compositions with three or five globes. There are two chandelier compositions: the first consists of two concentric rings of different diameters, covered in Saddle Extra leather, which accommodate nine medium-sized lights, six on the larger ring and three on the smaller inner ring. The eighteen-globe chandelier composition consists of three concentric rings of different diameters, covered in Saddle Extra leather and positioned at different and customisable heights. Hanging from these are eighteen medium-size lights, nine on the larger ring, six on the medium ring and three on the smaller ring.  


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Soffi | Chandelier

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Concept and Design

Soffi. The purity of light and glass blown by skilful Venetian artisans. GamFratesi’s minimalist design captures the exact moment in which the blowing technique gives the glass its form. Delicate and irregular globes seem to emerge from a slim saddle-leather strap, suspended in space by gravity.  

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