Water Illusion | Vase

Assia Karaguiozova

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Glass containers inspired by the intense rhythm of Zorba's Sirtaki, Water Illusion depicts the close contact between water and the shoreline, between the waves and the sky, crystallising the sinuous, unique and unrepeatable manifestations of the elements. Designed by Assia Karaguiozova, the collection of vases and bowls can decorate surfaces in every room and furnishing system, diversifying their function.

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Water Illusion | Vase

Assia Karaguiozova
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Concept and Design

The Water Illusion series is entirely handmade in Italy, using 100% recycled glass and the complex technique of Cast Glass, a particular process where crystal and "cotisso", a recycled glass, are melted in crucibles at temperatures as high as 1500˚C. The glass is thick and transparent; the surface is smooth but with internal ripples that give it a "wavy" texture, like water. The bowls and vases come in two sizes and three paste colours each, to offer iridescent and poetic shades on the horizontal surfaces.

Designed by
Assia Karaguiozova

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1978, Assia Karaguiozova studies Economics in Milan, where she also hones her editorial and advertising skills working in fashion photography. Over the next twenty years, Assia leverages her extensive experience in product design and marketing to develop a unique modality of storytelling, one aimed at provoking a response that is both aesthetic and emotional.  The versatility of the materials used in her work has allowed her to straddle the border between art and design, constantly pushing the boundaries of expression, with emphasis on the eco-sustainability. It is through light, movement and color that her work assumes its strong scenographic presence. It transcends the merely functional, the ergonomic, the aesthetically sophisticated, to evoke an emotion that is opulent, luminescent and deeply personal.

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